Futurewealth #1: the digital world of the Futurewealthy

In the first of four in-depth reports, wealth gurus Scorpio Partnership explore how the world’s wealthy are engaging with new You need to be logged in to see this...

In the first of four in-depth reports, wealth gurus Scorpio Partnership explore how the world’s wealthy are engaging with new technologies and how they spend their time online, asking what role they feel the Web has played in their wealth creation so far, and what it takes to be a leader in the digital revolution.

Findings are based on the views of 3,477 individuals from around the world, referred to as the Futurewealthy because, as a group, they are on the fast-track to wealth with average worth of around USD1.9 million.


Internet insatiables

Our experience tracking the footsteps of the world’s wealthy over the past four years has shown us that this group understands the value of innovation. And, when we look at their digital habits, we see that the same passion prevails. The Futurewealthy are up-to-date with the latest technology and are highly active online. We see this in the number of devices they own, the time and money they spend online, the apps they download, and their willingness to participate in all kinds of interesting online activity.

Wealth creation and the Web

In fact, the Futurewealthy believe that they would not have got to where they are today without a certain amount of internet savvy. Going forward, they also believe the internet will be more important for their success in the future.

So, whether it is communication, collaboration, connecting or commerce, perhaps it is not surprising that we find the world’s wealthy have high levels of engagement with all of the internet’s future possibilities.

Leaders of the information age

Most exciting of all, we find that it is the richest of the Futurewealthy – those who are worth more than USD4 million – who are at the front of this pack when it comes to all things digital. They are doing more online, more regularly and are the most vocal advocates of the internet as a wealth creation tool.

Indeed, it is the very wealthiest of the Futurewealthy who have also marked themselves out as leaders in the digital arena through their passion, confidence, engagement and willingness to collaborate. Through these characteristics, they are showing themselves more likely to become architects of the internet’s future infrastructure.

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