Futurewealth #4: The digital future of client relationships

In the final Futurewealth 2012/13 report, wealth gurus Scorpio Partnership explore how luxury brands master digital brand love, and how You need to be logged in to see this...

In the final Futurewealth 2012/13 report, wealth gurus Scorpio Partnership explore how luxury brands master digital brand love, and how investment in digital comms can translate into commercial success in the high net worth arena.

Findings are based on the views of 3,477 individuals from around the world, referred to as the Futurewealthy because, as a group, they are on the fast-track to wealth with average worth of around USD1.9 million.


This final paper in this year’s Futurewealth series, tackles the complex question of whether a company’s investment in digital communication translates into commercial success when it comes to high-value customers.

Inevitably with a complex question, the answer is not straightforward.

The elite companies tracked in this research have all been recognised for having successful digital marketing strategies – and, almost all of them have increased their standing with their customers in the last year. The research also highlights that companies which create digital opportunities to connect with their customers have a greater influence on their purchasing decisions.

So, while we may not be able to establish a direct link, these factors suggest that a digital strategy is more important when building relationships with the world’s up-and-coming wealthy than many, perhaps, realise.

Indeed, once again, we find that the wealthiest among the Futurewealthy and those in the Asia Pacific markets are those who are most likely to use digital channels to support their purchasing and investment strategies.

In fact, this series as a whole has uncovered an important and unequivocal truth: wealthier customers are not just active online, they are leading the charge on the internet. Any firm – and banks in particular – simply cannot afford to ignore this fact.

The time to engage is now.

With that in mind, we would like to thank all those who have taken part in the research and especially the 3,477 of the world’s Futurewealthy, who gave their input and have helped us to understand much more about their digital habits. We hope these insights will act as an incentive to all those who work with this most dynamic of customer groups to take some bold steps into the future.


In this series so far, we have discovered the world’s Futurewealthy are much more digitally-minded than many might think. You could go so far as to say they are interested, engaged and even inspired by the possibilities that digital technologies present.

Yet, the big question remains: how can

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